Band Purple

Manju wants to get a present for her Mum’s birthday but Cumin her cat isn’t sure about the toy elephant or robot. So when they find Grandma’s magic lamp, Manju is granted seven wishes to find the best present. Find out more here.

Band White

All Sloth Bear wants to do is play with Porcupine but it’s nap time in the jungle and all the other animals are sleeping. So she throws a guava at Porcupine’s tree to wake him up and SPLAT! THUD! BUMP! Little Tiger gets woken up too! And Little Tiger is rather hungry… 

Band White

Kathir lives with his grandmother by the sea where he harvests salt to sell at the market. But one day, Kathir’s donkey, Gobi, decides it’s too hot to carry the heavy load to the market. What can Kathir do to persuade Gobi to continue with this important task? Find out more here.

Band – Purple

Kina and the Kite Seller is an adaptation of an Arabic folktale into a play which emphasises kindness at the heart of it. Find out more here.

Band – Yellow

The Clever Rabbit and the Hungry Lion is a retelling of an Indian story from the ancient Panchatantra. Find out more here.

Band – Green

Pixie Makes a Friend is a fun story about reading, magic and making friends. Find out more here.