When I was growing up, my uncle used to make fun of me, riding a bike saying “Chitra Chitra Oorellam Suthra” – meaning, Chitra, Chitra Roams Around. Now it has all come true. He’s very prophetic. I do events across the world. Who knows you might find me in a town near you, soon!


February 2018

3rd Feb – Celebrating National Storytelling Week with Slough Libraries – Library @ The Curve 11 am

16th Feb – Half-term Storytelling at Bexley Heath Literary Festival 2:00 pm and 3:30 pm. Find out more here.

World Book Week Events

26th Feb – Hawksdown Primary with Tales on Moon Lane Bookshop

27th Feb – Kingsbury Green Primary School with Authors Aloud

28th Feb – Holy Trinity School with Tales on Moon Lane Bookshop

1st Mar – Old Palace School with Authors Aloud

2nd Mar – Biggin Hill Primary with Tales on Moon Lane Bookshop

8th Mar – Mulberry Primary School

9th Mar – Hollydale Primary School with Tales on Moon Lane Bookshop

15th Mar – Blue Gate Fields Primary School, Tower Hamlets with Authors Aloud

23rd Mar – Visiting schools in Surrey to talk about A Jar of Pickles and a Pinch of Justice.

April 2018

14th Apr – FCBG Conference with Poonam Mistry & Lantana Publishing

May 2018

10th May – Education & Community Outreach programme with Barnes Children’s Literature Festival

17th May – Medway Children’s Book Festival

20th May – Linton Children’s Book Festival

24th May – Writing with Year 3 of Mulberry Primary

26th May – Storytelling and Mask Making at Discovery Centre with Poonam Mistry

June 2018

9th June – Storytelling at Oxford Story Museum

12th June – Empathy Day

15th June – Visiting schools in Wales with Pop-Up!

21st June –┬áVisiting schools in Telford with Pop-Up!

22nd June –┬áVisiting schools in Cambridge with Pop-Up!