Chitra would be very happy to visit schools across the world via Skype.

What is a Skype Author Visit?

Chitra would visit your school or classroom via a video-link using the software Skype. The visit would similar to a physical author visit – a talk or a reading and some Q&A with kids.

What is the advantage of a Skype Author Visit?

Many schools across the world might not be able to get authors they like to come in person – due to distance, cost or time. The Skype Author Visit allows children to connect with authors who are not able to visit them in person.

How much does it cost?

I offer one session per month lasting 30 minutes as free to a school or a classroom or a library. The session would be on a Thursday or a Friday depending on availability. Please get in touch via the Contact page for checking availability.

For longer and targeted sessions, please get in touch via the Contact page for fee details.

What does each session consist of?

Once the technical link is established (I would recommend this is tested ahead of time) and the students are sitting facing the camera, the session would begin with a quick intro by Chitra.

Then it would be followed by Q&A and or some storytelling depending on the ages of the classes.

You can also find out more about Chitra’s school visits here to get an understanding of the various types of events.

How about books and signing?

You can buy Chitra’s books directly from this website or via usual outlets ahead of the event. If purchased from the website, Chitra would be happy to sign and send the books.

For books bought elsewhere, Chitra would be happy to send signed book-plates to all children who have bought a book if the school sends a list of names to personalise.

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