School Visits and Workshops:


Author Talks – An hour’s talk at the assembly followed by signing of books

Special Workshops – An hour’s talk at the assembly followed by a focussed workshop with select students (max of 15).

Alternately Chitra also offers full-day and half-day workshops.

For Reception & Y1

Storytelling form Chitra’s books and folktales. Includes songs, interactive participation and children making up various aspects of the story.
Colouring sheets can be included as giveaways if requested.
Group size: Class-size to full year-group. 

Yrs 2- 5
Idea Blaster
Idea Blaster starts with an introduction to how Chitra’s books originated in her mind. Where did she get these ideas from. Then Chitra will show how ideas can be plucked out of the world around us. The class will then create a story together by end of the session.
Riddle Makers
After some fun reading from Chitra’s titles Fun with Riddles and Riddles for Smart Kids, children will learn how to write different types of riddles using word-play and other simple techniques. For this session we would need some dictionaries and encyclopaedia that we could borrow from the school library.
Each child would be encouraged to produce a riddle card with 2-4 riddles with illustrations.

The sessions are very interactive and last from 30-45 minutes. They can be extended to accommodate school or library periods and of course goals for specific groups. Chitra’s sessions can be tailor-made to schools and current projects in school, classrooms and libraries. Chitra works from Reception to KS-3 in primary schools.

INDIA DAY at your school? Check out Chitra’s books and ask for help planning the day – with music selections, recipe ideas and lesson plans across all subjects. Chitra would also be able to offer specific sessions for multi-cultural events like Indian festivals with stories from the Indian sub-continent and encouraging students to understand more about other cultures.

POR_seal_800x800_blackChitra is available for residencies and as a Patron of Reading as well.



Find out more about planning Chitra’s school visits here.

To find out about how to book Chitra for your events / school visits or Skype visits, please get in touch via email chitra <at> 


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