The very act of reading a story about someone else is an act of walking in another person’s shoes. As the story progresses, the reader’s mind subconsciously associates itself with the protagonist (sometimes even the antagonist) and that’s the type of reader I was and I am.

When a child reads stories about protagonists who are different from them or situations foreign to them, they build a bank of emotions and responses in their mind and when there is a call to action, they are more equipped to act with compassion and fairness – and that to me is empathy.

So here are some books, written by me, illustrated by amazing illustrators that help readers identify with a familiar emotion in others or a new feeling that they learn to respond to.

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Naptime mischief is not new to young readers. But this mischief gets a bit out of hand. But the friends in this story don’t want to get their other friends into trouble. So they own up to their mistakes.

Tiger Troubles illustrated by Hannah Marks, published by Bloomsbury Education For Ages 3+ for read-aloud. For Ages 5+ for reading on their own.

Loris, Monkey, Tiger and Pangolin share their fears about the thunderstorm with Mama Elephant and she reassures them while acknowledging their fears. She shows them why we needn’t be afraid.

You’re Safe With Me, illustrated by Poonam Mistry, published by Lantana Publishing. For Ages 3+.

Mama Bear explains the world to her two little cubs. As she talks to the cubs, she has a message for them and for the readers, about protecting our planet.

You’re Snug With Me, illustrated by Poonam Mistry, published by Lantana Publishing. For Ages 3+.

Prince Veera and Suku have to find fairness and speak for those who often don’t get justice. They give voice to those sometimes bullied or ostracised by with wisdom and humour. Adapted from Indian folktales, these stories are perfect for opening discussions on difficult subjects.

The Prince Veera series Illustrated by Uma Krishnaswamy, published by Walker Books UK. For Ages 7+.

Farmer Falgu always looks on the positive side of things. When he journeys to the festival, he gives up all his wants to help others. The universe rewards him a little at the end.

Farmer Falgu Goes to the Kumbh Mela is part of the acclaimed Farmer Falgu series. Illustrated by Kanika Nair and published by Karadi Tales. For ages 3+

Kathir finds a way to make Gobi, his donkey understand why they must work together as a team. Set in a fishing hamlet on the shores of the Indian Ocean, this story is about a lot more than salt.

The Salt Maker – Illustrated by Alankrita Amaya and published by Reading Planet, this book will be out in the UK in September 2020.