As a storyteller and author Chitra is drawn to and fascinated by stories, people and places across the world. As a child of Indian epics, myths and folklore, often Chitra finds herself drawn towards stories set in India, its geography and its culture. India’s vast landscape, its culture, religions, diverse people and languages inspire the stories Chitra wants to tell.

Here are some books that are either set in India or Indian families and culture.

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Sona loves her family. But will a new baby sister ruin all that and will she end up losing the attention and love of her family? Sona with the help of her toy Elephant figures out that she will be the Very Best Big Sister ever!

Sona Sharma – Very Best Big Sister, Illustrated by Jen Khatun, published by Walker Books UK – this book will be out in Sep 2020. For Ages 5-7.

Kathir finds a way to make Gobi, his donkey understand why they must work together as a team. Set in a fishing hamlet on the shores of the Indian Ocean, this story is about a lot more than salt.

The Salt Maker – Illustrated by Alankrita Amaya and published by Reading Planet, this book will be out in the UK in September 2020.