How to write Spooky Stories

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Step 1: Find a spooky setting. It can be a ruined castle or a cave in the mountains. It can be even your supermarket but after everyone has left. And find a reason to set the story there. Ideally if you start the story there, that would make the story go faster.

Step 2: Who are the characters in this story? Ideally for a spooky story, it would be fun to have at least two people who can help each other. Interview your characters and find out more. What are they afraid of? What would be their biggest scare?



Step 3: What is the spooky thing in your story? Are you planning on a ghost, an alien, an evil person or a burglar? Is it real or supernatural?

Step 4: What’s the ending? It’s better to know how you will solve the spookiness. If it’s supernatural, how would you explain it? If it’s an alien, would they attack the characters or be nice? What is the twist in the end?

Step 5: Think of the sensory details – what smells would you find in this place – stench of rotting meat, a dead rat or smell of incense? What sounds will you hear – beeps, groans, winds? What can you see – light flashes, coloured lights, just darkness, shadows?