How to Write a Christmas Story?

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Christmas stories are fun to write, whether they are set in the snow or in the hot climate of the Southern Hemisphere.

Here are my five steps to write and draw a Christmas story. Maybe you can make a comic strip? For more fun, plan your story with all your family.

Step 1: Choose a character

Is it a kangaroo in Australia or a reindeer in the North pole? Is it a boy or a girl? Is it an elf or a snowman?

Step 2: Choose a Christmas wish

What does your character want for Christmas? Make it special, magical and fantastic. Maybe your kangaroo wants a waterbed? Or your reindeer wants a swing? How about a bouncy castle?

Step 3: Choose a villain

Who wants to stop your character from getting their wish? Is it a weird wallaby? Or is it an elf? Is it a naughty boy or girl or even a car that wants to spoil Christmas?

Step 4: Create problems for your characters

Make sure the villain tries to stop your character from getting what they want. Maybe your character tries and tries and finally succeeds. Maybe with a little help from Santa Claus or Father Christmas (as we call him in the UK)?

Step 5: The ending

Does your villain escape? Or does he gets punished? Maybe he or she gets forgiven? Does your character get their wish? Do they live happily ever after until the next Christmas?