#Write30 – New Year New Things

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This was our first prompt of 2021. So it started with new things.

This is a Write30 prompt. That means you read the prompt, ponder for a minute or two and then get down to writing. See where it takes you.

Your character is going to start something new. It can be as simple as a new diary or journal or a new class or a new school or a new hobby. They might be excited, disappointed, forced, frustrated by this new beginning.

Imagine a scene where your character shows either the reader or another character (in action and dialogue) about this new thing they are starting.

They should tell us how they are feeling about it, how they are approaching it and whether they think it’s good or bad for them. They can be conflicted, they can be scared. Show us how they feel.

For example, if their new thing is a new journal – show us a diary entry. If it’s a new hobby like photography show us how they feel as they open the new kit, switch on the camera and try to take a picture.

Remember to show their vulnerability!

After the session, find examples from books where great writers have done the same thing! Note down your observations and learnings.