An Earth Day Message

Earth Day was founded decades ago in 1970 to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide.

For me personally Earth Day has always meant the day we celebrate the workings of this planet and get out of its way. As humans, we have exploited its riches, corroded its wealth and in many situations ignored the earth’s reactions to our actions.

As a spiritual Buddhist and a practicing Hindu, I believe that every action we take changes the world in a small way. That action can’t be undone and that action sets off a chain reaction into this world – be that a smile or a plastic I discard.

The other thing I believe is the earth has patterns and intelligent behaviour. It moves with certainty and it knows the steps of the dance. From the tides of the ocean, to the winds of autumn to the thunderstorms that bring torrential rain.

While many natural phenomenon are terrifying – be it a volcano or a forest fire or a thunderstorm, the earth has a reason. And therefore understanding them, having a healthy respect for their powers is an important lesson for all humans.

One of the reasons I wrote You’re Safe With Me was to demystify thunderstorms – not with facts but with imagination and a bit of poetry. They’re not fearful – they have a job to do for this earth. The wind brings seeds from faraway places to plant the forests. Thunder brings clouds full of water. The river eats the shadows of the night and as the night clears, she too is clear and sparkling.

Earth Day is for everyone who wants to do their bit to fix the planet we live on – because this is the only one we’ve got. And this year, 2018 is the year we pledge to rid our lives of plastic. Find out more here about how Earth Day movement across the world this year is mobilising citizens of this world to End Plastic Pollution.

Here are some Earth Day Tips that everyone can follow in their everyday lives.

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