The Extraordinary Life of Mahatama Gandhi

A biography of Gandhi with interesting facts and anecdotes for 9-12 year olds.



Publisher: Asiapac Books


This title highlights the origins of Indian customs and traditions across religions. Aided by photos and illustrations, dip into mythology and traditions of India.



Top Learning Tips

Publisher: Asiapac Btoplearningtipsooks

Being a student is tough. Exams, homework, assignments, projects. How do you cope with that? Join Jenny, Kumar, Ali and Jack as they share with you tips on how to make studying fun and exciting.

Top Health Tips

Publisher: Asiapac Books


You may have seen or heard a lot about new diseases appearing and infecting thousands of people. But did you know that you can do your part to stop the spreading in your home and school? This handy book shows you how to make your body more active and healthy.


Fun With Riddles

Publisher: Asiapac Books


This book will provide you with hours of light-hearted entertainment. Tease your friends and riddle your family with the hundreds of delightful riddles in this volume!

Riddles for Smart Kids

Publisher: Asiapac Books


This fun-filled book of riddles is all set to entertain you and put your grey cells to task. And once you are successfully through, you will be charged to test your family and pals. Meet the challenge head-on!

The ART of Goal Setting

Publisher: Asiapac Books


Management concepts for adults? Motivational text for teenagers? Funny stories for young readers? This book is all rolled into one. Learn, be inspired and have fun all at the same time.


The ART of Excellence

Publisher: Asiapac Books


A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. In the pursuit of excellence, the first step is to take pride in a job well done. Here, The Art of Excellence offers a systematic approach to inspire and instill a high standard of work which has proven effective for thousands of years.