Writing for Kids TV and Digital Media

Chitra writes for TV, web-series, podcasts, lyrics for children's songs and other audio content, games, educational content and theatre for children.

Chitra loves creating funny and warm characters you'd want to meet, as evidenced by many of her book series. From Farmer Falgu to Sona Sharma, Chitra brings characters to life with potential to create more stories for each of them.

She'd love to be involved in development of new projects and joining as a writer on existing projects, alongside developing her own original content.

Chitra is represented by Annette van Duren, Los Angeles, CA, USA for all her writing for digital media – TV, features and audio.

Please get in touch with Annette for script samples, credits and availability.

As an author of over 60 books for children, and with her experience of working with children in schools across the world, Chitra brings the perfect blend of narrative and playfulness into her stories and scripts. 

Chitra is currently working on the upcoming Nikhil and Jay preschool sitcom as Executive Producer and writer. 

She is also in discussion with a number of producers on new projects – both original and based on her existing book IP. 

Please get in touch to discuss new projects either directly or via her agent.

Grandpa Gopi’s Magic Medicine

Little Stories Everywhere

Season 5 Episode 8

Chitra is a member of the following professional organisations:

Chitra also serves as a session producer at the Children’s Media Conference held in Sheffield each summer. Check out her 2022 panel for writers here! 

Chitra performing The Clever Camel with co-creator Grethe Mangala Jensen