Farmer Falgu Stays At Home

Farmer Falgu books are all about going away on trips, to the market, to a festival or to fly kites.

But in this current situation, we can fight the virus that is wreaking havoc only by staying at home. So Farmer Falgu sets an example by staying at home with his family.

So along with the wonderful team at Karadi Tales headed by Shobha Viswanath, we bring you a free edition of Farmer Falgu Stays At Home to encourage all Farmer Falgu fans to be patient and stay at home.

Read the story on video here!

Read and listen to the story here!

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We wish everyone a healthy spring and summer and we look forward to finding out how you spent your time at home.

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One thought on “Farmer Falgu Stays At Home

  1. Hi, just got to see this through a colleague. Find it very interesting. The rural flavour and the illustrations are refreshingly wonderful.

    I have been associated with Eklavya foundation for several years and I would like to collaborate with you guys to translate this concept into Hindi.
    All the best,
    Kalyani Madan

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