Farmer Falgu Series

Farmer Falgu is resourceful, and is always positive. He's a glass half-full kind of guy and is unfazed by what life throws at him. There are four books in the series, illustrated by Kanika Nair.

There are also French, German, Japanese and Thai versions of these titles. Check out the Karadi Tales website.

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Varsha's Varanasi

In the first of The City Series, author Chitra Soundar captures the flavour of Varanasi through Varsha, a young girl out in search of her father. Follow Varsha as she skips past the ghats by the river Ganges, and hurries through the narrow alleys of this timeless city. Page after page, Varanasi unfolds through the striking photo collages by Soumitra Ranade. The breathtaking story and pictures take you to this beautiful, ancient, and eternal Indian city.

Where is Gola's Home?

At one time, yaks had no home of their own. But Gola the yak wants a home. The concept and the striking visuals introduce children creatively to different landscapes. Illustrated by Priya Kuriyan and published by Tulika Book

Balu's Basket

One day, Balu finds a basket. What does he do with it? Come and find out. Bright images from Uttara Sivadas bring the story to life. Balu’s Basket is available in bi-lingual editions. Published by Tulika Books.

4 stories, full of activities and colouring in fun!

Four delightful stories from the Panchatantra for your child to colour and enjoy! Did you hear about the blue Jackal? Or the clever hare who tricked the bad lion? What about the turtle who talked too much or the foolish crocodile? Read about them and help your child bring these entertaining stories to life! Also includes activities based on the stories.