The Belated Book Launch Update

Balu’s Basket was launched by Tulika Books, India in September. In the United Kingdom, Balu deserved a launch. So we decided to do a book launch party at my place. This was my first planned book party. For my previous two books I didn’t know I could do Book Birthdays, Book Parties and Book Lunches. I’m learning.

Balu's Basket Eng-Tamil F.pmd

So I invited a lot of friends, my entire family and their little ones. Friends came from far away towns and cities. Friends turned up with little ones and it was a real party. We talked about the book, about how I started writing and a lot more. We laughed, we made jokes, we ran around the little ones trying to draw on white walls.


In all the hosting and the discussing of books, I forgot to take pictures of my guests and people buying books. We had a lot of interest in my other book from Tulika – Where is Gola’s Home? as well.


We can’t have no photos after the launch? So I hatched a plan. All my readers sent me a photo of them reading the books. Hurrah!


Here is one!

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