Welcome to Stories from India

Stories are everywhere and are for everyone. Stories are how we understand the world around us and the people around us. We tell stories all the time, knowingly or not.

Photo by Gregory McCormick


Chitra too, tells stories all the time. Sometimes she puts them into books too. Many of her books are set in India where she was born and brought up.

Chitra goes into classrooms, bookshops and libraries to tell stories, and teach creative writing.

If you enjoy listening to stories or reading stories and would like to find out more about Chitra’s workshops, then do get in touch.

competitionThis is a call to all schools I’ve visited during March 2015. I’m inviting entries for the ShoutAbout Magazine  – the theme of the stories should be JUSTICE.

You would need to type up your stories and email to storytrain@chitrasoundar.com and I will work with the ShoutAbout Magazine editors to get your stories published in the next issue due out in May-June 2015.
I will also be judging the stories that are sent by end of April 30th 2015 and pick three winners. Each winner would receive one of my signed books as a prize.


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