Chitra Soundar’s author visits have been called inspiring and magical by teachers and children. Chitra’s funny and heartwarming assembly talk will show children how her interests in reading, writing and storytelling led her to become an author. 

Her workshops will help children plan stories with a lot of joy and creative energy. 

 Side-effects may include 

1) children wanting to write during lunch, 

2) discussing story ideas during breaks and 

3) observing things around them with a creative eye.

So what happens after the author visit? How do you harness the creative energy and enthusiasm for reading and writing after Chitra Soundar has come and gone? 

Here are three ideas to implement! Try them out and write to Chitra Soundar and tell her all about it. 

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Start a writing journal for your class.

Keep a separate notebook just for free writing. Encourage the children to write from random prompts, descriptions, similes, a poem. As the class teacher you must keep a journal too. Tell children this book will not be marked. It won’t be checked for spellings or punctuation. It’s a book of ideas and random writing like real writers keep.



Finish the story started during the workshop

Don’t discard the planning sheets. Give children time over a week to finish writing and illustrating their stories. They could draw it in comics form or write a chapter book or draw it as a picture book. Then ask them to make a cover, give it a title and write a blurb too.


Collect the stories into an anthology

Collect all the stories written by children, put it into a binder and keep it in your library for other classes to borrow.


Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Get the stories printed into booklets using online shops. Or type them up and publish them online.


Organise a storytelling assembly where children read or tell the stories they created during the author visit.



Read other books by Chitra Soundar and do activities. Find a treasure trove of activities here.

Buy Books After The Author Visit

If you want to order Chitra's books after the author visit, you can still get signed copies of her books. 

Get in touch with a list of books and whom it should be signed for and Chitra will send you the signed copies with an invoice including postage.