Chitra visits schools across the world in person and through virtual platforms all through the year. She also visits libraries, performs in festivals and runs workshops for both children and adults.

If you have a question about Chitra’s school visits, here is some help.

If you need help with arranging a school visit and more info on workshops, click here

Yes, Chitra charges a fee for all school visits – virtual or in-person. 

A school visit is a commitment to time and involves preparation and expertise. A paid school visit acknowledges the value of a real author visiting a school.

However to help schools that are unable to pay for such visits at this time, Chitra has a number of pre-made videos and recordings of readings and interviews available here on her Youtube channel. You’re welcome to subscribe to the channel and use the videos in your classroom as required.


Chitra normally runs sessions from kindergarten (US) or Reception (UK) till Grade 5 in the US or Year 6 in the UK.

However due to Chitra’s writing for adults and other writing experience, she also runs a number of writing workshops for secondary schools.  Find out more here.

Chitra also runs writing workshops for adults. Find out more here.

From a single talk to a whole term of engagement, Chitra offers a multitude of options for schools. A few of them are listed here.

The fees and expenses will vary. Please get in touch for more details.

  • Assembly talk for whole school or multiple classes
  • Zoom Q&A with a single class
  • A full-day of workshops (virtual or in-person)
  • Half-day of workshops
  • Author in Residence
  • After-school writing club workshops

Yes, Chitra has been doing overseas schools for a number of years.

At this time due to the global pandemic, most overseas visits are through online platforms.

Online platforms also offer schools the opportunity to invite an author without having to spend the airfare and accommodation expenses. 

In the future, Chitra will definitely return to classrooms abroad. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements. 


You can get in touch with Chitra directly to arrange a visit, discuss your specific requirements and book a specific date.

You can also get in touch with Authors Aloud, Chitra’s school visit agent to arrange a visit.

It’s great to know that your class is reading my books. Please share photos and the children’s work with me. 

You can also get hold of resources related to the books to use in your classroom alongside my books. 

I’d be happy to send a letter to your class. Please do get in touch with details of which book you’re reading.

Chitra will be happy to order books from an indie bookseller, sign and send books to your school. Chitra will send a full-invoice of the cost of books and postage to the school. 

Alternately, if you’ve already have Chitra’s books in your class or school library or children have bought them and would like them to be signed, please do send a request with the following information:

  • Name of the child (just first name)
  • Which book
  • Which class is the child studying in

Then Chitra will send signed book plates to stick into the book. 


If you’re in the US or UK,  you can order Chitra’s books from any indie bookseller or your local chain bookstore.

Chitra’s local bookshop in the UK is Riverside Bookshop, London. They will be happy to send you signed copies.

You can also order via Chitra’s online bookshop at – click here if you’re in the UK and here if you’re in the US

If you’re in India, get in touch with Eureka Books to order Chitra’s books. They will post it to you wherever you’re in India and its neighbouring countries. 

If you’re anywhere else in the world, you will be able to order online. If not, do get in touch with Chitra to arrange for books to be sent to you, if you’re willing to pay the postage.

In the UK, you can use this bookshop finder to find your nearest bookshop. Please call and order the books before you go into collect.