On a rainy day, Wasim and Tahir are stuck inside. When Wasim finds a special pen, Tahir wants one too. What can the special pen do? Will Wasim share? Read and find out. Illustrated by Zulfiqar Sajid. Published by Oxford University Press, Pakistan. Click here for more details.

Babar’s Blue Umbrella is a sequel to Balu’s Basket – in some ways. You will find the various uses of the umbrella as it travels along the town. But when finally Babar gives up his umbrella, he has a clever plan for the next day. Out with Oxford University. Illustrated by Kanwal Tariq.

One morning, Anansi’s web is broken by a strong breeze. This story is about how the cunning spider goes about making a brand new web—without doing any hard work himself! This is an original story for the legendary Anansi. Illustrated by Shirley Chiang.

The Panchatantra Read and Colour Activity series invites you to colour its pages and try the puzzles while enjoying the wonderfully retold Panchatantra tales.