Chasing the Pot of Gold

Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing


What’s at the end of a rainbow? Maybe a pot of gold? Not many have found the pot of gold. But Butterfly is determined to find it. The journey takes her through green sprouting grass, colorful flowers and peeping squirrels.

 What’s for dinner?

Publisher: Reading A-Z

Giraffe is hungry, but he is tired of eating leaves. How will Giraffe solve his problem? He decides to try to eat foods other animals eat. Humorous, supportive pictures and repetitive phrases allow early readers to be successful.

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Wing’s visit to Singapore

Publisher: Reading A-Z

When Wing visits Singapore, his Uncle Lee takes him fishing on Bedok Jetty. It is Wing’s first time fishing and he is not sure he will enjoy himself. As his uncle encourages him to keep trying, Wing learns that fishing can be fun after all. Pictures support the text. Co-written with Ty Allison.

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