These are various offerings to teachers, parents, librarians to support the children under their care during lockdown, homeschooling, bubbles inside schools etc..

As a writer and an author, I’ve created a number of resources that children can make use of regardless of the current situation. So this is a collection of all those resources in one place for you to active.

However, I’m unable to offer “FREE” virtual sessions on zoom, or “FREE” author visits or workshops etc as it eats into my writing time and also undervalues the work I do as an author visiting schools. However I do understand the pressures of teaching under the current circumstances. So I’m offering the following free resources you can use at home, or libraries or schools with your children.

If you wish to read from one of my books and record, please note that it is a violation of copyright to read entire texts and any reading must follow the permissions set out by each publisher. Please get in touch with me or with the relevant publisher for their guidance on reading my books online.

If you’re looking for a paid virtual author visit for 1 or more sessions, please get in touch with me .