My next picture book

After a long wait, I have placed a picture book with Indian publisher Pratham Books. Pratham in Sanskrit means “First”.
Pratham have been working as a Non-governmental organisation to put a book in every child’s hand. Indian children do not always get the opportunity to learn to read and write. When they do go to school or lucky enough to have parents who can teach them, they cannot afford the books that most 1st world kids take for granted.
While there is no dearth of creativity, there is a certain reluctance to waste time on fiction. It is not always understood that fiction is the channel of growth. When schools and councils are struggling to find money for text-books, there is no argument when it comes to fiction.
I am so proud to be a part of that movement. I will be very happy when many eager children read my story and enjoy it. While I want to  be someone like Julia Donaldson and have millions of your young readers buying Gruffalo and equally rewarding is the other spectrum where thousands of kids will read my book and all I get from it is the satisfaction, the knowledge that someone smiled from reading my book.
Pratham Books have been very selective in their content creation and I am very glad that their editorial team loved my book.
Here is to a new beginning  – a new relationship with Pratham Books.


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