Chitra grew up listening to stories and telling stories. Her first storytelling in public was in primary school when she was 7 and in Year 2. 

In India, stories are interwoven into daily life – the gods we pray to, the habits we have, the proverbs we hear are all based on stories, parables and the epics and the myths.

Chitra loves folktales and animal tales from all across the world. From the Panchantantra to Jataka, the tales from Korea, Vietnam or Native American animal and folktales, trickster tales from India and Africa, – Chitra loves discovering old stories anew.

Chitra is available to tell stories in schools, community events, libraries, museums and corporate and social enterprises.

Here is a list of her shows she’s performing in 2019

 All visits have gone online. Find out more here. 

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