Chitra writes stories about many things – often set in India or Indian families, full of nature and science and sometimes retellings of ancient tales – she loves writing stories that are not just one thing.

Chitra’s fascination with the planet, her love for science and her curiosity leads her to write stories about different things. Growing up with a sister and having two nephews also creates opportunities to create books with boy and girl protagonists and explore the world through their eyes. 

Below you will find the themes in her books and perhaps you’ll find the story you’re looking for – to read for pleasure and to use in your classrooms.

Chitra runs workshops on the themes listed here. Please visit her author visit page for more details.

India is part of the sub-continent alongside its neighbours Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Nepal and Bhutan. Here are some stories that have connections to the Indian subcontinent.


Here are books written by Chitra Soundar NOT set in India or South Asia.

Festivals and celebrations are a way of life! Here are some books about celebrations from across the world.

Accordion Content

Many of Chitra’s stories are about Indian children – just like her and her sister or her nephews. 

Award-winning books illustrated by Poonam Mistry, these are wonderful Mother Baby books to read with young children.

Keeping up with the traditions from over 2000 years ago, Chitra often tells stories using animal characters.

Retelling folktales is one of Chitra’s favourite things. As an oral storyteller, she often tells these stories to audiences worldwide. 

Many of Chitra’s books contain stories that explain concepts of science for children.

Books are ways through which children can explore their understanding of human interactions. Here are some that tell stories about such explorations.

These books celebrate nature and talk about important topics of looking after our planet and the consequences of not caring for our planet.