#Write30 – Hobby Horse

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This is a Write30 prompt. That means you read the prompt, ponder for a minute or two and then get down to writing. See where it takes you.

Characters are three-dimensional.  They have a life outside of the story. What is that life? How does it reflect their personality, interests and character attributes?

Your writing task is:

Write a scene or passage or a character description using only their hobby. Through their hobby tell us more about the character. The hobby can be completely made up or totally ordinary – but they can still surprise the reader. As a writer, your personal hobbies can be part of the character to write from a lived experience.

Think About:

Does this hobby suit the age-group and setting and timeline?

  • Is this hobby a stereotype?
  • Can you find new ideas for hobbies that define your character?
  • Can you surprise the reader?
  • Will this hobby work into the plot?
  • Will he use his skills to move the plot or create problems for himself as the story progresses?
  • Is this hobby at odds with norms of the world in which the story is set? Or the norms of what is expected of your character by other characters?

After the session, find examples from books where great writers have done the same thing! Note down your observations and learnings.