Write 30

Write30 sessions run on Zoom every Friday 3 pm BST for 30 min of writing and 10 min of discussions!

Every Friday since the middle of May 2020, Chitra has gathered writers around the world to write together for 30 minutes. These are free writing sessions that inspire new ideas, create awareness and opportunities in the craft of writing – be it character development, plot, beginnings and endings. You will not be sharing your writing. You can explore an existing project using the prompt or write something brand new.

Here is a sample writing prompt we used in one of the sessions.

Find out more writing prompts here!

Who is it for?

It is for anyone who wants to explore their writing – regardless of the audience. We usually write prose but nothing stops you from writing poetry or a script that is inspired by the prompts.

Do I have to share my writing?

No, we don’t spend a lot of time sharing and critiquing. We do talk about the reactions to the prompt, things people have discovered because of a focussed writing session. Depending on the number of participants in each session, each of us share for a minute or two after the writing.

Do I have to attend every week?

No, you can choose which weeks you want to attend. But there is a regular group of writers writing every week and sharing their insights – so it bears benefit only when you do it regularly.

When is it?

It is every Friday at 3 pm (BST) on the dot.

I don’t live in London. How do I attend?

The sessions are fully online – we do it via Zoom at this point so we can all share our thoughts.

How long is the session for?

  • 1st half – 35 minutes – introducing the prompt and writing.
  • 2nd half – 15 minutes – discuss thoughts. (This varies depending on how many people are writing that afternoon and want to share.)
  • You can drop off at any point
  • Our free zoom call is only for 40 minutes. If we run over, the call will drop and we will rejoin the call using the same link.

Do I have to pay?

No! This is completely free. We’re just getting together to write, to share in a communal writing experience.

How do I join?

Email chitra AT chitrasoundar DOT com for getting added to the zoom invites.

You will receive a Zoom meeting invitation for the session every Friday before the session.

I’m already registered but I don’t want to attend anymore. How do I take my name off the mailing list?

Email Chitra with a removal request.

Please check your junk / spam mail folders if you can’t see the invite before the session!