#Write30 – The Voice

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This is a Write30 prompt. That means you read the prompt, ponder for a minute or two and then get down to writing. See where it takes you.

Walter Cummins, former editor of The Literary Review, emeritus professor at Farleigh Dickinson University, and a short story writer, points out that a voice’s sound is created by such elements as

sentence rhythms and patterns, word choices, enunciations, syntax, and pauses.

Voice must work in tandem with key features of a character or story:

“In addition to sound, the details that a writer chooses to note imply a distinct worldview. There’s also an attitude toward people and places, situations and events that emerges.” 

Set one of these sentences (it can be modified) in three different passages. Each of these passages must be of a different genre:

  • Historical
  • fantasy
  • science fiction
  • thriller
  • political drama
  • adventure
  • emotional drama etc..

Review the points raised by Cummins and see how each para you attempt can add to the tone of the story and the voice of the narrator.

Keep in mind your narrator can be unreliable too.

After the session, find examples from books where great writers have done the same thing! Note down your observations and learnings.