#Write30 – Listicles

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This is a Write30 prompt. That means you read the prompt, ponder for a minute or two and then get down to writing. See where it takes you.

This prompt is set to a timer. So get your timer out and sit down comfortably to write.Respond to each prompt for 3 minutes.

Each prompt will ask you to write a list. Each list must be written spontaneously You can either write as “you the writer” or “as your character”.

  • Seven colour names that you’ve made up.
  • Seven things you will buy off the Internet if they were available.
  • Seven competitions you wish you entered.
  • Seven funny words you make up right now.
  • Write meanings for the seven funny words you made up in the previous list.
  • Seven foods you wish existed
  • Seven playground games or board games – just the names.
  • Describe in two sentences each – at least three of the games you listed above.