Do you want to invite Chitra to your school? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions!

Are you doing in-person visits?

At this time (new school term Sept 2020), Chitra is NOT doing any in-person visits. All school visits are virtual and Chitra offers a range of options from assemblies to class workshops.

When things change, Chitra will update her school visits information page.

Do you charge a fee?

Yes, Chitra charges a fee for all school visits – virtual or in-person. A school visit is a commitment to time and involves preparation and expertise. A paid school visit acknowledges the value of a real author visiting a school.

However Chitra has a number of pre-made videos and recordings of readings and interviews available here on her Youtube channel. You’re welcome to subscribe to the channel and use the videos in your classroom as required.

Please do not send requests for free virtual visits or video chats with your classroom.

Will you sign books?

Chitra will send signed book plates to schools inviting her to virtual author visits. However sometimes this is not possible and needs to be considered on a case to case basis.

Where can we buy your books?

If you’re in the UK or US, any local bookseller or school supplier will be able to procure Chitra’s books. Refer here for a list of books.

Chitra’s local bookshop in the UK is Riverside Bookshop, London. They will be happy to supply books to your schools. You can also find your nearest bookshop here.

If you’re in India, only books published in India will be available to buy from your local bookseller. You can get in touch with Eureka Bookstore Delhi to request supplies.