An author visit is a great time to inspire all children in your school to get reading and writing. Inspired by the author’s books, talk and workshops, an author visit can motivate children to write their own stories, poems and books.

Here are a few pointers on how to get ready for an author visit!


Have you agreed on a timetable for the day with Chitra? Here are some pointers:

a) EYFS and KS1 sessions are shorter and can be up to a max of 45 min.

b) Make sure there is a break between morning and afternoon sessions (or after two sessions).

c) Check with Chitra on which books she intends to use in different classes.

d) Decide venues for each session. Are the sessions in a hall or in the classrooms? Can one or more classes fit?

e) Prepare the materials – you will need paper, pencils and colour pencils for most of Chitra’s workshops. Make sure every class is aware of this and keep them ready.

f) It’s highly beneficial when the class teachers and TA attend the session and participate whole-heartedly. This will help them do follow-up activities and demonstrate to the children the importance of reading and writing.

From admin teams in the office to every class and every staff, let them know how special an author visit is. Find ways to connect all the subjects to the author visit – whether it is reading, writing, maths, geography or science, Chitra can help you identify the perfect book to work with.

Create posters, inform parents and get reading.

Make sure your school library is stocked with Chitra’s books and posters are put up to inform the children of the author visit and the books they can read before the visit.

Remind children, teachers and parents during assemblies and using parent letters and your school websites.

Many parents and children find such author visits great times to get books signed by the author.

Ask Chitra to help you find a bookseller who can supply preorders. This must be done at least two weeks before the author visit.

Chitra can also give you a bespoke order form to circulate to parents. Request one if you need one.

Don’t forget to ask Chitra to sign your library books too.

Create an activity for each class at least a week in advance to look up Chitra’s website and Youtube channels.

Read her bio, listen to her talk and tell stories.

Learn to pronounce her name.

Prepare some questions to ask Chitra! Surprise her with something unique!

Chitra has created loads of resources per book. Click here to discover.

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