#Write30 – Words and Sounds

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This is a Write30 prompt. That means you read the prompt, ponder for a minute or two and then get down to writing. See where it takes you.

We are going to explore the sounds of life around you. Before you begin writing, close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you. Or imagine the sounds of a place familiar to you.

  • Someone’s making tea?
  • A car speeds by?
  • An ambulance?
  • A street dog barks?
  • Birds are calling to each other?

Now write a scene where some or many of these sounds feature in your story.

  • Is your character making the sounds or listening?
  • How does it impact them emotionally and physically?
  • How does the language change when you describe a speeding car compared to a bird tweet?
  • What happens to your sentence structure?
  • Pay attention to the sound of the words.

Read your passage aloud.

If you’re brave, write a short verse embedded into your scene (if your scene allows it) that reflects the sounds the character is listening.

After the session, find examples from books where great writers have done the same thing! Note down your observations and learnings.