Author visits are an amazing way to inspire children to enjoy reading and writing for pleasure. Often author visits create a buzz for reading and encourage children to engage with stories and begin to create themselves.

Chitra Soundar was a wonderful guest speaker. Her presentation was detailed, engaging and had a huge impact on the pupils' progress. They all were able to use the information they gained from the workshop to develop their own children's books. We will most certainly be in contact about possible visits in the future.
Michelle Butler
Hockerill Anglo-European College
Chitra visits schools, libraries and festivals across the world to bring the joy of creative writing and storytelling to children everywhere. 

Her workshops are interactive and collaborative and encourage children to see beyond what they have read and tap into their own imaginations to reach for those nuggets of fancy that bring stories to life.

Chitra’s workshops are perfect for children from 3 to 12 years of age. That’s K-5 in the American system and Reception to upper KS2 in England (and equivalent for the rest of Britain and the world).

She also runs storytelling workshop for all ages including teachers and parents.

Thank you so much for visiting! Everyone really enjoyed having you join us - we hope to be able to invite you back next year too!
Phoenix Academy

Creative writing workshops for primary schools include (and not limited to)

  • Make Your Own Story – using prompts, story sticks, a wide variety of props, Chitra will inspire children to come up with a story.
  • How to Write a Spooky Story – this is a great workshop for Halloween!
  • How to edit your stories – this is a particular favourite among writing clubs across schools
  •  How to write riddles and jokes – this is perfect for children over 9 years who enjoy word play and funny words.

Workshops for secondary schools include (and not limited to)


  • Learn and Perform a story – A workshop to learn and perform a story orally in front of an audience. 
  • How to write a picture book  – this is a great workshop to learn storytelling and produce a finished book as a project
  • How to edit your stories – Editing stories is a key skill in writing and this workshop will provide hands-on examples to edit a story.
Chitra visits schools, libraries and festivals across the world. She has performed at international and national literary festivals– Emirates, Jaipur, Houston, Hay, Cheltenham amongst others.
Chitra also runs virtual workshops and makes available workshops on video for schools that are unable to invite her in person. Click here to find out more about virtual and video visit options.
Thank you very much for your visit today. I heard a very positive feedback from the teachers - it is great to hear the pupils enjoyed your sessions.
Andrej Ebringer
Osmani Primary School